baby bottle and feeder warmers for both home and travel use inc medela b well
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Heard about the remarkable NEW Medela Calma bottle feeding system yet?

New Calma Feeding bottle form Medela

Breastfeed and 'Calma Feed'

Bottle Warmers
A quality bottle warmer makes life a little easier for Mum!
Babies can be quite fussy about the temperature their lovely milko is served at so we have searched out the best of the best for you!

Posh Mum's has teamed up with our friends to bring you the best value, best quality baby bottle warming products currently available.

The NEW Medela B Well bottle warmer has arrived!

The new B Well bottle warmer is a very welcome special addition the Medela product range. No gimmick here, the B Well is a useful, high quality addition to your breastfeeding equipment. It's good to know your breast milk or formula feed will be given at just the right temperature.

Special features include:

  • Maintains the temperature at 34 degrees Celsius, which prevents overheating and helps preserve nutrients and vitamins
  • The gentle warming helps to preserve breastmilk vitamins and nutrients
  • Can let you know when it's 'ready' via sound and visual indicators
  • B Well bottle warmer can be used with the New Medela Calma feeder with Regular 150ml feed bottles as well as the new Large capacity 250ml bottle
The fabulous Medela B Well Bottle Warmer is now available from our link partners, see below

Next working day delivery service available

Buy Medela B Well

A good quality bottle and feed warmer is an absolute must for those night time and twilight feeds. Warm your little ones bottle in just a few minutes without worrying if it too hot or just not warm enough!

Highly recommended products at the very best prices could find!

Cool.. I mean Just Right tee hee!


Go on, treat yourself!

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A nice little bottle warmer comes in just right when i need an early or late eveing feed and it makes my Mum's life easier!



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