Avent 6 bottle express microwave steam baby feeder breast pump feeder steriliser
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Steam Sterilisers

Microwave powered steam sterilisation equipment.

New Avent Express II Microwave Steam Steriliser.

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Avent express microwave steriliser

Now wth a larger capacity to accommodate  6 feeding Bottles so that a whole day's feed can be sterilised in one go.  The Express II gives the same benefits of regular mains powerd steam sterilisation using the power of your microwave.

Just add 200ml of water, and heat in the microwave on full power to sterilise in just 4 or 6 minutes*

Another stress busting, time saving device for mum! Sterilise and kill all potential bugs in just 4-6 minutes depending on your microwave power rating. Will clean 6 large feeding bottles and teats.

  • The basket / rack can hold up to six 9oz/260ml Bottles or two 9oz/260ml Bottles and two ISIS Breast Pumps.
  • Once heated, the contents can remain sterile for up to 24 hours providing the lid is not opened or removed.
  • The lid is secured by two easy to release, lockable clips. Cooler-touch safety grips on both sides of the steriliser ensure easy handling.
  • The Avent Express II Microwave Steam Steriliser fits in most microwaves: Size 28 cm wide and 16.6 cm high.
  • Dishwasher safe

Fabulous value limited time offer...

Comes complete with extra Avent products FREE!!

Pack includeds:

1 X 125ml (4oz) feding bottle complete with 1 month teat and cover

1 X 260ml (9oz) feeding bottle complete with 2 month teat and cover

1 pair Tongs

1 X measuring beaker

(extra items supplied may vary and may not be as specified above)

* Microwave guide:

Wattage   Sterilisation Time  





2 mins

4 mins

6 Mins

Spl high power

Regular domestic

Regular domestic

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Avent express ll microwave steam steriliser

Posh Mum's says...

The new Avent Express II Microwave Steam Steriliser can accommodate regular, wide neck, Airflex and Medela feeding bottles as well as breast pump components such as breastshields.

Highly recommended for its ease of use, convenience and energy efficiency. 10/10!!

UK Delivery ONLY
My bottles are clean and safe in no time!


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