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Medela 37g PureLan lanolin nipple cream treatment for sore or cracked nipples
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Large capacity 37g tube of PureLan for great value
Medela PureLan Nipple Cream

PureLan high quality nipple cream. 100% ultra-pure lanolin for the natural care of sensitive, sore or cracked nipples.

  • No additives or preservatives.
  • No need for removal before breastfeeding.
  • Now avilable in 37g tube
  • Hypoallergenic, kind to even the most sensitive skin types

N.B. If you suffer constantly form sore nipples or other nipple conditions, please seek medical advice.

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37g PureLan nipple cream is perfect for sore nipples!

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PoshMums says...

Our favouraite soothing nipple cream; Medela PureLan is just devine. Use it to sooth over-worked, tired and tender nipples to great effect.

Click here - Does your breastshield fit your nipple correctly?N.B: If you express your breast milk regularly and feel this is the cause of your sore nipples, we recomend investigating one of the Larger size Breastshield options that are available from Medela. This one simple change can alleviate all the discomfort chaffing and chore that expressing with sore nipples can present. Options over standard are available to go down one size and up three sizes so no matter what size your nipples there should be a solution for YOU!

When suffering nipple chaffing or experiencing cracked nipples, sore and flaky skin around the areola and nipple it's fine to gently massage in a small bead of PureLan nipple cream a couple times a day (or more often if you feel it is necessary). We also recomend letting the air get to your nipples if and or whenever this is possible. If the problem continues, worsens, and or the nipples begin show signs of bleeding other than from temporarily dry / cracked skin, always consult with your G.P.

N.B: Any residue is not dangerous for baby as it is designed to be completely safe.


Medela PureLan nipple cream is the best!

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