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Medela Nipple Formers are worn in the bra to correct mildly inverted nipples
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Mildly inverted nipples can be corrected using Medela nipple formers worn in the bra between feeds.
Medela Nipple Formers supplied as 1 pair

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Medela Nipple formers are ideal to help correct mildly inverted nipples with a view to breastfeeding or help maintain semi-erect nipples in between feeds when the nipples are prone to becoming mildly inverted.
Gentle pressure is exerted on the areola which prepares flat or inverted nipples for breastfeeding.


  • The soft silicone adapts to body contours and ensures discreet, comfortable wear.
  • Worn discretely within the bra, Nipple Formers work to prevent nipple inversion between feeds.
  • Over time, can be worn concealed within the bra to correct mildly inverted nipples.
  • A non-invasive method to prepare flat or inverted nipples for breastfeeding.
  • Soft silicone backs for a snug, comfortable fit.
  • Vented fronts allow air circulation

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Medela Nipple Formers

There has been some confusion regarding the use of products designed to help women breastfeed with Inverted nipples. The following information may help in deciding which product may suit ones needs best...  

Medela Nipple formers (above) can be used by breastfeeding mum's safely and without problem to help keep mildly inverted nipples semi-erect ready for feeding. These are worn inside the bra, carefully placed over the nipple to create slight downward pressure around the base of the nipple. The mild force produced causes the nipple to protrude. Wearing Medela Nipple Formers on a daily basis prior to birth can help to correct mildly inverted nipples.  

The Avent Niplette should be used well before one intends to breastfeed. The reason for this is that it uses suction to gently pull the nipple out. During the last couple of months of pregnancy the nipples and breasts are developing in readiness to produce milk. Using the Niplette in the later stages of pregnancy is not advised as the suction produced can cause some fluid to enter the workings and cause it to fail and constantly become detached. Even in normal use a small amount of fluid can be produced, if this enters the niplette it can be cleaned through using the supplied syringe in warm, slightly soapy water. If this problem persists you may need to let the nipples rest for a couple of weeks before again resuming use.

The Niplette is a longer term commitment and can take some weeks of daily use to correct nipple inversion. Results are very good with users reporting that their nipples were no longer inverted and that their nipples responded as nature intended to cold and stimulation and were not fully erect at rest. Some women have worried that they would end up with nipples which were permanently erect or far larger than they would be comfortable with - this is not the case.

Neither of the above products are suitable for correcting severe nipple inversion: If the nipples are present only as deep holes or slits it may be worth seeking professional advice.

Medela Nipple Formers are ideal for correcting mildly inverted nipples

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