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Medela Mini Electric single breast pump customer testimonial
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Medela Electric breast pump testimonial

Medela Mini Electric single breast pump

Customer Testimonial

HI. I wanted to drop you a line with feedback on a product that I purchased today (I called for some assistance in chosing a product, and other people may do the same).   A few days ago, my old manual breast pump broke and I decided to upgrade to an electric one as I express each day. Having used a Medela pump in hospital, I chose the Medela Mini Electric Single pump and it arrived promptly this morning (thank you).   I used the pump as soon as I could and have to say that I am astounded by the results! I have never pumped as much milk in such a short space of time. It was really quick and easy to use and encouraged the "let down" pretty much as well as my baby does! Incredible.   I have already recommended the pump and your site to a pregnant friend and I am absolutley delighted with it - expressing milk has been a real chore and I can say that I am not dreading it any  more.   Thank you for providing such a good product so quickly and for being so helpful when I called.  


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Medela Mini Elecric In Use
The NEW Medela Mini Electric single breast pump

The secret is in the way this little pump takes your breast milk. The Mini-Electric suckles like baby in a rhythmic pattern enabling milk to be expressed easily and quickly! The ideal 'single' breast pump for mums requiring to express breast milk when unable to full-time breast feed.

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Thank you Mum for giving me your wonderful breastmilk!

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