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Medela SpecialNeeds Feeder formerly Haberman Feeder special baby bottle feeder
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Special Needs baby feeder: SpecialNeeds® feeder (formerly known as the Haberman feeder), the leading anti colic bottle feeder made famous by TV's Tracy Hogg from Baby Whisperer

Medela Special Needs® Feeder

One SpecialNeeds Feeder complete with TWO teats now available from our link partner, see below:

A special bottle feeder originally developed by Mandy Haberman (see video below) for babies with nursing difficulties but now finding favour with 'Mums' as a viable alternative to regular feeding bottles where baby is reluctant to take feed from 'regular feeding bottles' or where problems such as colic exist.

The SpecialNeeds® Feeder (formerly Haberman) is particularly effective for children with cleft lip/palate. A separate specially developed valve installed below the teat allows the milk to flow slowly and evenly and prevents the baby from taking in air whilst feeding. Mum can easily regulate milk quantity and flow due to the unique design. Flow rate can be adjusted during feeding to suit baby.

In cases where babies have severe feeding problems, such as with Down Syndrome, cleft lip/palate, neurological dysfunction, sucking symptoms and others, the SpecialNeeds® Feeder offers an alternative to spoons, enlarged and/or extra holes in the nipple, and nasogastric tubes. The Medela SpecialNeeds® Feeder (formerly Haberman Feeder) is so effective and easy to use that it can actually change feeding sessions from a difficult or even traumatic experience into a pleasurable activity for the mother and baby. A specially designed valve and teat adjust milk flow to suit baby's needs.

  • A one-way valve prevents flooding and overwhelming the baby.
  • If the baby cannot nurse at all, just needs a little help, or is reluctant to get started with bottle feeding, the neck of the teat can be squeezed to release a limited volume of milk.
  • Supplied with 1 X 150ml Bottle and TWO teats
  • SpecialNeeds feeder spares available including triple packs of teats -click here
  • If required, the larger 8oz / 250ml Medela feeding bottles can be used with this feeder
  • Lost your SpecialNeeds feeder instructions? Download a replacement here (PDF Reader required)

Information contained within the pages of this website does not replace your healthcare specialist - if you have any concerns about your baby’s health always seek advice without delay.

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Medela SpecialNeeds® Feeder (Haberman) Customer testimonials

Customer Testimonials

How the Medela SpecialNeeds (formerly Haberman) feeder works

How the specialNeeds® Feeder Works

Medela SpecialNeeds® Feeder (Haberman) Bottle feeder

Watch a short video by the inventor Mandy Haberman showing how to use the Special Needs feeder


One SpecialNeeds Feeder complete with TWO teats


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Posh Mum's says...

The Medela SpecialNeeds Feeder is one of the greatest contributions to baby feeding in modern times. Tracy Hog helped to bring this product to the attention of mum's all over the globe as a really great option for babies finding a regular format bottle disagreeable. The only criticism made by some mum's was that is was supplied with a rather small bottle. Mum's using the SpecialNeeds feeder to feed babies without a feeding impediment often found it was a godsend simply because it was so easy for baby to take to. However, the modest 5oz capacity was a little limiting as it meant feeds were often interrupted to refill or use an additional bottle. In response to this, we now supply 'kits' based on the new large 8oz capacity bottles.


Happy Mum & Baby with the Medela SpecialNeeds Feeder!

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The fabulous Medela SpecialNeeds Feeder is now processed and dispatched from by link partner

Using a specialneeds feeder to feed baby with your expressed breast milk
Using the Specialneeds feeder...
Mum can carefully control the flow of milk to prevent baby from being overwhelmed or introduce a faster flow by gently squeezing the barrel portion of the teat (if baby is eager for more!) The teat has a variable flow rate access by turning the bottle. A flow guide is embossed into the side of the teat.