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The wonderful Medela Calma special baby bottle feeder great low price
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Medela Calma baby bottle
NEW: The Medela Calma bottle feeder - a new revolution in bottle feeding
Medela Calma bottle feeding system


Medela Calma FeederThe Medela Calma is the ideal choice for mums wanting to continue breastfeeding but also have the option to bottle feed without causing confusion to baby.

The solution... Calma - the best teat for your baby

For Mum's wanting to bottle feed thier baby with breastmilk, the Medela Calma is the ideal solution. Calma was developed based on the results of studies with the University of Western Australia. That's why Calma is the ideal teat for babies who are being breastfed, as it allows baby to suck, swallow and breathe allowing an easy switch between breast and (Calma) bottle whenever necessary.

As with breastfeeding, your baby can:

  • Drink, pause and breathe in a natural rhythm

  • Feed using a combination of tongue and jaw movements just as if at the breast

  • Keep his or her natural way of sucking, which allows an easy transition from breastfeeding to using the Calma and back to the breast.

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The Calma complete (with 5oz bottle)


Image shows Calma Solitaire (Teat Assembly only) Ready to fit to your Medela 5 or 8oz bottles


Posh Mum's says...

Medela have proven time and again that they can be relied upon to lead the way with innovative breastfeeding products. Once again, a great new product has been made available for all to enjoy. Breastpumps that mimic a babies natural suckling rhythm and now bottle feeders that can assimilate the female breast - pure genius.


Using the New Medela Calma is a doddle!

The innovative Medela Calma is available from our link partner at a low price right now!

Using a specialneeds feeder to feed baby with your expressed breast milk