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Medela Breastshells protecting sore nipples from rubbing clothing
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PureLan, 100% ultra-pure lanolin for the natural care of sensitive, sore or cracked nipples.

PureLan nipple cream is perfect for sore nipples!

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Medela Breastshells 1 pair

Medela Breastshells can protect sore or cracked nipples by keeping your bra away from your nipples. The healing process is promoted by ideal air circulation. Place over the nipple, inside the bra taking care to ensure the unit is centrally located over the nipple for continuous protection from nipple rub, etc.

Use in conjunction with a dedicated nipple cream to speed up healing of sore nipples.

  • Soft silicone membranes for pleasant, comfortable wear.
  • Prevents clothing irritating sore nipples.
  • Breastshells are worn inside the bra for day long invisible protection


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medela breast shells help protect sore nipples



Medela Breastshells protect sore nipples allowing them to heal

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