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Medela pump and save breastmilk freezer bags for collecting and freezing breast milk
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Large capacity Medela bottles available now.

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Pump and Save. An ideal storage system for breast milk collection. Pump and Save to special freezer bags for later use.

Medela 'Pump & Save' Breastmilk Freezer Bags. Pack of 20.

Medela pump and save breastmilk freezer bags

A new improved version of Medela's popular breast milk collection / freezer bags.

Convenient and easy to use, attach direct to Medela breastpump / breastshield for direct collection of breastmilk.

Carefully selected materials protect and maintain milk quality, providing safe and hygienic storage.

A simple and convenient way collect and store your breastmilk for later use.  Medela 'Pump and Save' Freezer Bags are attached to your Medela breastpump (all models) for fast and effective collection of breastmilk which can then be frozen and stored.

'Pump and Save' packs contain 20 'sealable' bags with a capacity of around 150ml each which means you will be able to express and store a total of 3 litres of milk with one pack.

Pump & Save Features:

  • Special self-stick strap to attach bag directly to your Medela pump
  • Easy-Close zipper top
  • No-Spill stand up bottom
  • Double walled construction for safer, longer hygienic storage
  • Panel for recording collection date, etc. (use indelible pen).  N.B. Does not include breastshield shown in illustration
  • Each bag has a capacity of 150ml
  • Great value pack of 20

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Bag capacity 150ml

Posh Mum's says...

When thawing breastmilk in 'Pump & Save' bags direct from the freezer, please allow time for a slow and natural thawing method such as placing in a suitable container of cool / lukewarm water or using a purpose made Bottle warming device


I need my milk Mum!


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