Philips Avent Uno IQ fully electronic single breast pump
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Philips Avent Uno Single Electronic Breast Pump
Philips Avent IQ Uno Single electronic breast pump
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The marvelous Avent UnoSpecial 'IQ' electronics designed to help mothers express and provide breastmilk for longer. Technology for todays Mums!


If you are going to need to express on a daily basis and need to be as efficient as possible, then you'll probably find the Isis iQ comes in very handy. It'll be particularly useful for working mums who need to express during lunch or on breaks. It's certainly significantly more expensive than a manual-only pump but if you ever need to express a lot in a short space of time you'll be glad of the help. In our case, the Isis iQ twice proved indispensable when it came to accumulating 24-hours' worth of milk at very short notice to cover an operation, without it we would most likely have had to resort to formula for one or two of the feeds at least.

With both battery and mains options available, Mums will find the Uno has it covered, especially for mums who require to express when away from home from time to time. Battery life is good with around 6 hours of expressing time possible. There's a little warning lamp to indicate when you've got just enough power left for about one more expressing session, but should you get caught out with a 'low battery' whilst expressing then you can finish off with manual pumping.

The Avent UNO Pack includes:

ISIS breastpump with patent Let-Down massage cushion and funnel travel cover, 2 Milk Storage Bottles, 2 Newborn feeding teats, 2 teat travel packs, 2 Sealing discs to convert bottles to milk storage containers, 1 bottle stand, spares & Instructions.

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Avent Uno IQ breastpump - quality and simplicity!


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