Avent Duo is a complete twin breast pump expressing kit with eveything you need
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Avent Duo IQ Twin Breast Pump

Avent ISIS Out & About breast pump kit

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The flagship Avent Duo twin breast pumpAvent DUO IQ provides cutting edge breast feeding technology for modern Mums who demand the very best.

The flagship Philips / Avents DUO Twin Pump Set learns your prefered method of expressing with it's specially designed, clever electronics! Basically whilst in manual mode you express your milk in a fashion that suites you and the pump learns this style and will express just like this for you. Put the pump to your breast and press the handle gently with your fingertips to imitate your baby’s suckling rhythm. Then press the button on the handle and the Avent ISIS Duo Breast Pump continues your exact pumping rhythm. To change the rhythm at any time, press the button on the handle to return to manual control.

Needless to say, you have control over all the parameteres such as speed, suction level and rythem.
being a flagship twin machine, the Duo of course allows mothers to express from both breasts at once which ensure maximum yeild, time saving and reduces. Research has shown that double pumping can increase milk supply for some mothers of pre-term infants.

What the DUO Twin breast pump package includes;
• Travel Bag
• 2 x 9oz bottles
• 2 x Thinsultate bottle carriers
• 4 x cool packs
• 2 x sealing discs
• 4 x bottle stand / funnel cover
• Avent Isis Twin Breast Pump
• Guide to breast feeding booklet

NOTE: Doctors recommend breast milk as the ideal nutrition for baby's first year, supplemented with solid food after 6 months.

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Avent isis breastpump in use
Avent Duo with bak Thinsulate bottle carriers, milk collection sets and more...
Avent awards
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The fabulous Avent Duo is just devine!


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