Avent moisturising nipple cream to treat sore and cracked nipples

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Moisturising Nipple Creams

Avent soothing nipple creamEver popular Avent nipple cream to sooth sore nipples. Take a look at the stunning new products from Earth mama and Lansinoh , reportedly the world's purest lanolin!

This light, odourless balm contains Ultra-pure, medical grade lanolin to improve the skin's moisture level and relieves cracking while natural aloe soothes away soreness. Supplied in a generous 30ml tube.
Especially formulated for breast-feeding mothers who may be experiencing sore, dry and cracked nipples this heavenly product is probably the safest and most luxurious cream available to use for any reason for the care of your nipples.

Not just the reserve of breastfeeding mothers, this wonderful soothing nipple cream is ideal to massage and pamper your nipples.

Product Features:

  • Hypoallergenic (safe for sensitive skin types)
  • No need to remove before commencing breastfeeding

Also, see alternative Medela product: PureLan

Avent soothing nipple cream
Avent Moisturising Nipple Cream


Avent soothing nipple cream

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