Avent soft silicone nipple protectors
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Nipple Protectors and Sheilds

Avent Nipple ProtectorsOur favourite the Avent / Philips brand nipple protectors but see other fabulous options now available!

Quality Nipple Protectors are made of paper-thin, soft, odourless, taste-free silicone and protect sore or cracked nipples during breastfeeding.

The popular Avent shields are butterfly shaped to allow your baby more contact with your breast. Your baby can still feel and smell your skin and continue to stimulate your milk supply whilst suckling, and will return easily to the breast once your nipples are healed.

Pack contains: 2 Nipple Protectors

Note: Nipple Protectors are designed for use when one has sore or cracked nipples and should be used with health professional advice.

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Avent silicone nipple protectors


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