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The Avent Niplette is designed to correct inverted, flat or small nipples.

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A simple cure for Inverted or Flat or Small Nipples


A marvellous little gizmo to cure nipple inversion and best of all it can remain your secret even when you are actually using / wearing your Niplette!

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Avent Niplette for curing inverted nipples

Inverted nipples are a source of frustration and/or embarrassment for many women whether for cosmetic reasons or if causing difficulties with breastfeeding.

The Inverted nipple is evident as a slit or hole in the breast at the location of the nipple. It is normally possible to pull the nipple out manually but in some cases the inversion is so severe it is not possible for the nipples to become even partially erect*. Flat or inverted nipples can present a special problem for women wishing to breastfeed as this condition can make it difficult or even impossible for baby to 'latch on'.

* If the degree of inversion is very severe it may not be possible to use the Nipplette to effect a cure. In these cases please consult with your G.P.

** If one or both nipples have become inverted 'out of the blue' or over a period of several weeks or months where previously the nipples were not inverted, we recommend that you consult with your G.P without delay - sudden inversion can indicate a condition requiring prompt medical attention.

How does the Avent Niplette cure inverted nipples?

This unique and revolutionary product provides a permanent cure for inverted nipples. Through gentle suction the Avent Niplette pulls the nipple out into a small plastic thimble-like cup. In a matter of weeks of continued wear the nipple inversion can be fully corrected.

Worn discretely tucked in the bra day or night, the Avent Niplette painlessly sucks the nipple out into a small thimble-shaped cup. The nipple is gradually stretched and in one to three months of continuous wear, the nipple(s) will look perfectly normal and will be able to become erect in response to stimulation such as touch or cold.

Until recently, the only effective method of correction was surgery, involving sectioning of the lactiferous ducts under anaesthetic. Though surgery achieves cosmetic correction, it can effectively destroy breast function and therefore can rule out breastfeeding for good. High costs also make it a less than ideal solution.

To bring the nipples into peak condition we recommend using a quality nipple cream such as Avent's soothing nipple cream with Lanolin. Gently massage into the nipples frequently for best results.

NOTE: If you require to correct inverted nipples in order to breastfeed it is recomended to start using the Nipplette at least 2-3 months prior to birth in order to allow sufficient time to effect a cure.

It is not possible to use the Niplette once breast milk has started to come through.

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Please note: The Niplette is a single user product and for hygiene reasons cannot be returned for refund once the packaging has been opened.
Recent Unsolicited Testimonial:

Jessica said:
Niplette has work wonders for me! I'm 17 and after years of self consciousness and a few months of teasing from some boys ( would you believe they could be so heartless? ) I finally confided in my mother who bought the niplette for me. At first my nipples would get suctioned up into the niplette with some pain and return to thier inverted state almost directly afterwards. Although after about a month of using them everynight when I go to bed the started to stay out! It was the best feeling :) now they come out with very little stimulation and are naturally out 50% of the time without any stimulation! I can't stress this enough - try this before any surgery! I was so close to spending all my savings for 5 years on surgery that may be painful or have something go wrong. This is the least dangerous, easiest and cheapest option. One thing I don't understand is the strange clear discharge I get when I use them and dryish skin (easily fixed with lotion) I hope this helped someone,

PoshMums says:

Thank you Jessica for your feedback. We are glad to hear that the Niplette has been a success for you and that you were able to find a good routine that worked well for you enabling you to get such a good result. The slight discharge is literally due to the suction generated by the little cups pulling your nipples out into position. Unless this become significant, just be sure to keep your Niplette clean by flushing through with some warm soapy water from time to time.


Inverted nipples? The Avent Niplette can be the solution!

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