Woman paid for her car with the breastmilk she expressed
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Woman paid for a car with her breast milk

Anette Lie from Norway paid for a car with the excess breastmilk she produced - see article from Norwegian radio channel Kanal 24 below...

Anette Lie holds the Norwegian record for delivery of breast milk. She made so much money selling her surplus breast milk that she was able to purchase a car from the proceeds.

Anette Lie using a Medela Symphony. She has the Norwegian record for highest delivery of breast milk

Picture: TV 2  

According to the Norwegian radio channel Kanal 24, a Norwegian woman, Lie has produced 501.5 litres breast milk since May of last year - that’s over 110 gallons!   Lie said “I’m making some money on this as they pay 135 krone per litre, Lie said to TV 2. “I’ve gotten my driver’s license and bought a car, everything paid for by my breast milk. My mother was the same way, and I’ve heard my grand mother nursed children around town, so it’s hereditary, Lie said. It’s my hormones. I apparently have lots of them” According to Lie, it is genetic explanation why she has produced so much milk.   With the litre price of NOK 135 (approx. £11.00), Lie got an income of more than NOK 65,000 (approx. £5,300) from her breast milk. She has an 11 month old son.   Norwegian Radio Kanal 24 reported that hospitals across the country need breast milk, but stressed that the deliveries do not have to be as large as those from Anette Lie (see above article).   The average donor provides one and half to two litres a week, while Lie has delivered as much as 11 litres - that’s over 19 pints or nearly 2 ½ gallons!   Are you interested in donating your breast milk? Visit the United Kingdom Association for Milk Banking website: http://www.ukamb.org/donor.htm

As can be seen in the picture above, ‘Anette Lie’ from Norway, used a Medela Symphony hospital grade breast pump to collect milk for her own baby and was also able to provide milk for supply to her local clinic.   Now that’s dedication!

Posh Mum’s says…

If you are Breastfeeding, especially long-term, you should also be taking special care of your own health and nutrition. Be sure to keep yourself properly hydrated by drinking plenty of quality water and/or real fruit juice whilst also maintaining a healthy balanced diet.

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