Medela Bisphenol-A BPA free large capacity 250ml 8oz breast milk storage bottles
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Medela Silicone Bottle Teats

Now available to fit all Medela Breast Milk Storage Bottles - click here to see more.

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Made from 100% Bisphenol-A free plastics. Safe milk storage bottles for feeding your baby. Newly designed large capacity 250ml / 8oz bottles from Medela.

250ml Large Medela Milk Storage Bottles. Pack of 2

New Large capacity 8oz - 250ml Medela bottlesThese new high capacity breast milk storage and feeding bottles are made from a safe, high grade BPA Free, non-toxic plastic. Each pack consists of 2 Milk storage bottles and 2 lids (1 lid with insert which can be used with the NEW Medela teat) for the collection, freezing and storage of breast milk.

Now with attractive logo and printed contents level, these large capacity feeding and milk storage bottles can be used with all Medela breast pumps as well as the Special Needs & SoftCup Feeders.



  • Compatible with all Medela equipment; old and new
  • Made from safe, Bisphenol-A free non toxic materials
  • Can be put in freezer to keep milk for longer periods or used with a warmer to to bring milk to temperature
  • Large 250ml / 8oz capacity
  • Remaining contents guide/ measure printed on side
  • Can be microwave sterlised
  • Genuine teat covers available

NEW: Silicone teats now available to fit Medela Breast Milk Storage Bottles - Medela Teats.

NEW: Large capacity 8oz Complete Feeders now available with genuine Medela 'Medium flow' teat and bottle / teat cover for maximum hygiene.

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8oz 250ml Medela bottles

This Image shows two large capacity 8oz 250ml bottles. Large image shows large and small bottles together for comparison.

N.B. Bottles are rated in US ounces. Equivalent to 8.3 UK Ounces approximately.

Posh Mum's says...  

Mum's have demanded and have gotten the long awaited large capacity 8oz / 250ml milk storage bottles! Suitable for direct attachment to your breast pump, then add a silicone teat to use as a feeder and provide your baby with a satisfying feed direct.

When thawing breast milk for bottle feeding straight from the freezer, allow time for the milk to reach temperature slowly, by immersing in a suitable container of tepid water.

large capacity 8oz feeding bottles are BPA Free and safe for baby.

Ahhh cuddles!

Top quality Medela feeding / milk storage bottles made from Bisphenol-A free plastic

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