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Posh Mum's has teamed up with to bring you an unbeatable selection of hand picked baby care books.

Our recommended selection of books from our good friends at Amazon. Get your baby started on the idea of reading, see below

What to Expect When You're Breastfeeding... And What If You Can't? Paperback

160 pages. Size: 21.4 x 13.4 x 1.8 cm. Pub: 2006

Amazon Customer Review: Excellent, practical advice, 9 Jan 2008
By Sarah "Sarah" (London, UK) I breastfed my 2 babies for a year each and used Clare's book as my main reference guide. I found the advice invaluable, particularly in the first few days, and recommend it to all my friends.

The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding (La Leche League International Book) Paperback

463 pages. Size: 22.6 x 15 x 3.3 cm. Pub: 2007

Review: I love this book. It gives both the basics on how to breastfeed and also lots of more general parenting information. It also looks at the comman and not so comman problems and gives helpful and reassuring advice. Although quite American sometimes the basic mother baby relationship is the same the world over! I have referred to my copy at least once a week over the past 20 months of breastfeeding.

Baby Massage Paperback. By Alan Heath (Author), Nicki Bainbridge (Author)

96 pages. Size: 23 x 18 x 0.8 cm. Pub: 2004


This book is clearly laid out in sections covering all aspects of baby massage, from babies through to toddlers. There are also specific sections on massage in order to soothe colic and to help a baby to sleep. There are clear and detailed instructions for each massage technique as well as photographs to illustrate them.

Baby Massage (Essential Childcare) Paperback
by Peter Walker (Author)

96 Pages. Size: 24.4 x 17 x 2 cm. Pub: 2005


I found this book extremely helpful. Explanations are clear and concise. Sketches really help visualise how to do it. Really helpful if you are wanting to give it a go but you are not sure where to start or whether you are doing things correctly. The chapters on development are very good too.

Secrets of the Baby Whisperer: How to Calm, Connect and Communicate with Your Baby Paperback. By Tracy Hogg (Author)

304 pages. Size: 22.4 x 15.2 x 2.6 cm. Pub: 2001


Clearly a remarkable person, Tracy Hogg (the "baby whisperer") has an impressive ability to understand and relate to babies. Herself a mother, she is an experienced maternity nurse and has derived her approach from her dealings with countless babies and their families. Forgiving and sympathetic in style, her book is well written, immensely readable and is full of gems and shrewd observations that even the seasoned parent may not have worked out.

Annabel Karmel's New Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner Hardcover

208 pages. Size: 19.2 x 18.8 x 2 cm. Pub: 2008


Annabel Karmel is a busy working mother with three children. She has written thirteen previous titles including the bestselling SuperFoods for Babies and Toddlers and New Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner. She is a celebrity chef on BBCi, the BBC website and has contributed to the site. She also writes for national newspapers and magazines including a regular column in Prima magazine and appears frequently on radio and TV as the UK's expert on children's nutritional issues.

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Special Recommended breastfeeding publication by La Leche League