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Bottle feeding systems

A range of anti-colic and special needs baby bottle feeders. Feeders include the new Medela Calma, SpecialNeeds® Feeder (formerly known as the Haberman Feeder), SofCup Feeder & Supplemental Nursing System (SNS).

Quality, proven products for feeding special needs babies as well as for regular bottle feeding where babies suffer from colic, etc. Solutions for preterm and reluctant feeders

Large capacity 8oz 250ml bottle feeder

NEW Large 8oz Capacity Bottle Feeders from Medela

NEW Large Capacity 8oz Bottle Feeders from Medela

New 8oz / 250ml feeding bottles now available!

Compatible with all your existing Medela equipment.

Supplied with a medium Flow silicone teat and bottle cover as standard.



£4.99 Next working day delivery available


Medela Calma Feeding Bottle

Standard with 150ml bottle.

Large 250ml bottles can also be attached and used with Calma


Medela Calma Bottle Feeder

Special bottle feeding systems don't come a lot better than this little beauty. With a 150ml capacity as standard or can be used with the new large capacity bottles. Needless to say, a lot of research has gone into this product to enable babies to take mothers milk (or formula) from a bottle format without frustration or difficulty.

The special teat actually allows the baby to regulate and take milk at a rate he or she is comfortable with. No need for alternative teat sizes; just like being at the breast, baby decides how much milk is delivered.

This item supplied with standard bottle as in illustration.




Next working day delivery available

Medela Special Needs Feeder

The Medela SpecialNeeds Feeder is supplied with Two teats


Medela SpecialNeeds® Feeder.

(Formerly known as Haberman Feeder™)

Special bottle feeding system originally developed for babies with nursing difficulties such as cleft pallet but now finding favour with ‘Mums’ as a viable alternative to regular feeding bottles where baby is reluctant to take to bottle feeding or has problems with colic, etc. 150ml capacity.

The special teat actually allows the Mum to control milk delivery directly. By gently squeezing the large central portion of the teat and / or turning the bottle, Mum can deliver milk to reward even the weakest of sucking.

This item supplied with standard bottle as in illustration.




Next working day delivery available

Medela SpecialNeeds baby Feeder (formerly known as Haberman) Build three kit

Build your own feeders with new style Medela Milk Storage bottles

Medela SpecialNeeds® Feeder build your own

Build your own SpecialNeeds / Haberman Feeders and save money!!

Why not build your own SpecialNeeds Feeders? Simply assemble the parts required as you would for a single feeder.

To make up your own feeders form genuine parts, click 'read more' below.




Next working day delivery available

Philips Avent Anti-Colis feeding bottles - 9oz 260ml

Avent 260ml 9oz Anti-Colic Natural Bottle Feeder

The NEW Avent Anti-Colic feeding system now available from Posh Mum's!  

AVENTs patented design prevents the swallowing of air and reduces the risk of colic The Airflex™ Feeding Bottle has a built-in Airflex valve that works with your baby’s natural feeding rhythm to promote problem free feeding.

With generous 260ml / 9 oz capacity

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Two 9oz bottle pack


Next working day delivery available

Medela SoftCup cup format bottle feeder

Special High Quality micro bottle based Cup Feeder

Medela SoftCup™ Advanced Cup Feeder

Medela SoftCup feeder Makes feeding easier in the case of suction difficulties. Excellent alternative to cup feeding. The soft silicone, spoon-shaped mouthpiece is gentle to the baby's lips and prevents milk spillage.



£17.57 Next working day delivery available


Medela Supplemental Nursing System (SNS) Re-start breast feeding when your own milk has dried up, also ideal for breastfeeding your adopted baby


Special 'At The Breast' baby Feeding System.

Medela Supplemental Nursing System (SNS)

A special breast feeding system, particularly well-suited to provide babies with breastmilk or supplement at the breast, e.g. for premature babies, babies with sucking difficulties  & adopted babies. Supplied with three different flow rate tubes. SNS Spares available.

The perfect feeder for mum's wanting to breast feed adopted baby.


Purchase the SNS from our Link Parners now!

Next working day delivery available
Special breastfeeding products for Mum's and carers who want to bottle feed breast milk to babies who have minor feeding difficulties such as colic

Special needs baby feeders for feeding all babies including adopted!

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Medela Special Needs baby feeders.

Bottle feeding products originally developed for special needs babies; premature and / or underweight babies with cleft pallet, etc,  experiencing difficulties feeding. Special feeding products  which are now finding favour with mums and carers for babies with more general feeding problems such as colic or a general reluctance to take to bottle feeding.


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Using a Medela SpecialNeeds Feeder

Using the SpecialNeeds feeder. Mum can control and meter the flow of expressed breast milk exactly as baby needs